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Define and construct rope

Jan 07, 2015

Wire rope with a plurality of thin wires or strands twisted into a flexible cord, wire rope are twisted into strands by a multi-layer, then the cord as the center, by a certain number of shares twisted spirally wound cord. In material handling machinery for lifting, pulling, tensioning and load-bearing purposes. High strength steel wire rope, light weight, smooth, easy to suddenly break the whole root, reliable work.


⑴ Wire

     Play a role in load bearing rope, which is mainly determined by the performance of the wire. Steel is carbon steel or alloy steel by cold drawing or cold rolling of round (or shaped) wire, having high strength and toughness, and surface-treated steel wire different according to the environment conditions.

⑵ cord

     The main role of the cord is to increase flexibility and toughness steel wire rope, wire lubrication, reduce friction and improve the service life of the rope. Common types include organic fiber cord (such as hemp, cotton), synthetic fibers, asbestos core (high temperature) or soft metal and other materials.