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Laser marking machine dimming steps

Jan 07, 2015

1, adjust the direction indicated by the red (major regulator of red four-dimensional frame), the ultimate goal is to start at the red light, and the galvanometer receiving hole at the center of the shaft should be at the center of the red, red laser shaft axis and to be on the same axis.

2, after the red light is fixed, adjust the output frame so that the reflected red light red light can be returned to the mouth.

3. After fixing the output frame, the module into the optical bench, and red from the YAG rod through the middle of the module, and to try to ensure that the reflection of the two end faces of the YAG rod back to the red light emitted mouth, if I can not, then you try to make two points closest to the optical port.

4. After fixing the module into the light with all-trans inner seat frames, adjust the frame makes the whole anti-red light can be reflected back to the red light mouth. And fixed all-trans frames.

5, open (not powered down Q-switch case) laser, the current is adjusted to about 12A, using a multiplier piece watch, in general, the laser out of tune less appropriate laser current, adjust the whole anti-frames, so that the laser becomes the largest round the brightest state.

These are laser marking machine leaked treatments, laser marking machines require routine maintenance in order to allow marking machine have a good working environment, to reduce the incidence of failure and prolong life.