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Overview of elevator guide rails

Jan 07, 2015

Elevator guide rail is traveling up and down the elevator hoistway safety rail, rail mounted on the shaft wall, are rail rack, rail brackets attached to the shaft wall. Elevator common rail is "T" shaped rail. Rigidity, high reliability, security features cheap. Rail plane must be smooth, no uneven surface. Because rail is a guide shoes and safety gear on the elevator car shuttle rail, it must ensure that the gap during installation. Speed rail accident occurs while in the elevator when the elevator stopped to bear to any system, so its rigidity can not be ignored.

Elevator guide rail is installed in the elevator hoistway or between floors of two or more columns or rigid orbit tilted vertically to ensure the level of the car and move up and down along its weight to ensure that escalators and moving walkways along its rungs as tilt or movement for the elevator car, counterweight or rungs provide guidance. We can see from the definition of the rail, the rail is vertical lift, escalators, moving walkways rung important reference section, which controls the elevator car, escalators and moving walkways cascade running track, transfer operations to protect the signal, it is related to elevator safety and an important component of operational quality.