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Domestic Foundry Mold Material In Order To Reduce The Gap Between The Need To Increase The

Jan 07, 2015

In recent years, China's foundry industry with mold material with the continuous development of the market environment has made a very good score. However, the current market situation, China's foundry mold material industry with foreign advanced countries remains a huge gap compared.

     According to the experts said, to shorten the gap between China and the advanced materials industry casting mold the national industry, the key is innovation and upgrading technology and equipment. Insiders said that China's foundry mold material industry in order to better and faster development, we must pass the following aspects to achieve a breakthrough in the industry bottleneck: First, we must continue efforts to develop, promote the use of new die steel. Secondly, we must continue to build plastic mold steel series. Third, we must improve the metallurgical quality, the use of advanced equipment and technology, using advanced metallurgical methods and processes. Chinese foundry mold material still ongoing efforts to overcome the difficulties, in order to promote their better and faster development, but also promote the development of domestic mold industry.